Your personal M&A consultant
With both feet firmly on the ground.

Our company combines a mixed team of experts from various professional backgrounds, including business management, corporate finance, investment, asset management, engineering, law and taxation.

EurAsia M&A Gateway is a member of the international Sattler & Partners M&A Alliance, with access to the global M&A network resources of this alliance.

Our advisory experts not only have the top knowledge and experience in the field of international finance and M&A , but also professional “soft skills” like intercultural management experience, social competence and negotiation skills,which is very important to tackle problems in international deal negotiations. We can deal with all kinds of difficulties and guarantee our client the best profit.

Background of our consultants:

Areas of specialization
· Business Administration
· Industrial Engineering
· Law&Taxation
· Corporate Finance
· Industrial Sociology
· Business Economist
· Certified Banking Specialist
· Certified Engineer
· Certified Industrial Engineer

Our role in your M&A deal:

· Closest confidant of the client for a limited period
· Deal management
· Moderator
· Negotiator, deal maker
· Documentation
· Post-merger restructuring and consulting

In order to safeguard our client’s interest we implement the 'four eyes' principle. (Everything is double-checked by a second partner.) The junior partners, assistants and the back office team guarantee that all projects are dealt carefully and in due time.

Our personal consultant will always be available as one of your partners, whose experience and references will guarantee the success of your deal.


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