Support your global growth

Service portfolio

· M&A consulting
· Corporate financing
· Corporate evaluation
· Assets evaluation
· Post-merger restructuring
· Asset management
· IPO service

Customer First

As a partner in international M&A networks, we have built strong databases for possible targets, which we examine and present as proposals to our costumers. Moreover, we are in constant touch with banks, tax consultants, as well as strategic investors of different sectors seeking to sell or buy companies. In addition to buying and selling mandates, we always have updated requests and offers from medium-sized companies. We are searching and finding the right prospects according to your needs.Currently, a lot of companies have already benefited from the experience of our consulting service.

Up till now, EurAsia has cooperation partners in over 25 countries, with a database involving more than 8000 companies, 10% of which would like to sell the company immediately, another 10% would like to sell part of shareholding, 5% would purchase some Chinese enterprises, and the rest 75% are seeking strategic partners.

Individual negotiations demand individual treatments.

No company resembles the other. For this reason we naturally assure that our lasting client relations are built on trust as well as personal and specific task-orientated consulting. We will never offer standard kit type solutions. Following a thorough analysis we will always develop individual solutions in cooperation with you, so that the best possible results can be achieved by tuning into the individual needs and specific aims of your company. Although we are specialists, we do have a far reaching vision and cover the complete field of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), as well as that of corporate finance and classic business management consulting - with a special knowledge in corporate law.

Consulting service for the purchaser:

· Defining the appropriate target
· Market research
· Searching:
  Own database
  Corporate databases
  International M&A networks, M&A colleagues
  M&A departments of companies
· Business plan
· Deal design
· Negotiation
· Checking the economic efficiency of the investment
· Corporate valuation
· Examining the economic impact of the acquisition
· Negotiating the sales contract
· Finance / Engineering
· Providing financing service
· Project management of complete M&A process
· Post merger support as consultant;Supervisory board member;Advisory
  board member
· Board Member

Further service for the sellers:
· Corporate valuation
· Preparing the sale expose
· Defining the buyer’s target group


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