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EurAsia M&A Gateway Co., Ltd. is a German invested company with Headquarters in Shanghai and provides professional services for merger and acquisition transactions between European and Chinese companies.

Relying on a broad range of information resources and business channels, we are dedicated to support the owners and managers of technology-based enterprises in achieving their strategic targets. Our solutions assist European companies to accomplish merger & acquisition projects in China, including strategic planning, finding prospects, legal consultancy, project design, due diligence, risk management, transfer of shares and assets, corporate restructuring, technology transfer, IPR protection, oversea financing and taxation, etc.

We also cooperate with PE funds, hedge funds, private VC's and investment banks to get access to safe and profitable projects in the Chinese domestic capital market. We have developed a series of innovative business models with low-risk access to the fast growing equity market in China. Corporate investors can rely on us to link up strategic co-operations. Asset management is one of the core business services in our service portfolio.

Our services are designed to support your global growth. By successful M&A projects, our clients are able to maximize global competitiveness.

What distinguishes us

Foreign direct investment by establishing a wholly foreign owned enterprise or by forming an equity joint venture with local partners have been the main form of investment in China for more than a decade. However, the opening up of China enhances the rule of market economy and thereby new business model come into practice. Recently more and more foreign companies are reluctant to go through the “long march” of building their domestic market share slowly with a step-by-step approach, but are more likely to speed up business by successful merger and acquisition transactions. Don’t battle competitors, buy them!

With the background of more than years of business consulting in China, we have a clear positioning:

· Focusing on medium-sized projects
· Promote strategic global integrated growth strategies
· Large database with targets
· Multisectoral linkage to business networks
· Unique optimization of project design and post-merger management
· Not limited to M&A, but also offering instant low-risk access to the fast growing equity market in China. EurAsia is your partner for asset management in China.

Our core competitivness

We provide medium-sized technology-based companies with highly individual and personalized project design and project management in M&A transactions.

On the one hand, as a trusted third-party partner, our team can help our clients to find the right prospects and accomplish the negotiation process successfully, implementing state of the art intercultural negotiation tactics. Our expert team can launch restructuring programs after the acquisition and advise on development strategies appropriately in China.

We are committed to establishing trustful and reliable relationship with our customers on a long term. After closing a merger case, we never leave our clients alone. We help the merger to become a sound success by supporting with management know how, human resources, top lawyers, political networks and sales. Thus, we can minimize financial risks for the investors and shareholders and create more additional value for our clients.

For financial investors, we provide unique business models integrating M&A deals and IPO to create more value in short time in the booming equity market in China. Our projects are characterized by low-risk, brief time and high ROI. Inquiries are always welcomed!

EurAsia provides chances for Chinese companies in Germany and Europe

· Purchase of successful and profitable businesses
· Low-cost acquisition of high-value real estates
· Access to high and new technology, R&D
· Taking over European sales networks and customer relations
· Entry in western sales networks
· Access to advanced equipments, techniques and products
· Adapted to European quality standards
· Acquisition of world famous trademarks
· Improving profit margin after the partly transfer of production to China

Business opportunities for German and European enterprises in China

· Enter one of the most dynamic growing markets in the world
· Buy stakes in promising new high tech companies with high net profits
· Control the market by acquisition of competitors or cooperation partners
· Take in Chinese investment capital to speed up your growth
· Cut cost by manufacturing and outsourcing in China
· Develop new sales channels and costumers
· Use your European brand and advanced technology to gain market shares
· Promote integrated business cooperation platforms

Opportunities for financial investors

With our network of Chinese PE funds and investment banks, we can create very attractive investment products for asset management companies or Venture Capital from Europe. Because we have direct access to fast growing private equity, we can identify promising prospects, arrange merger with one or two similar companies, reorganize the group and launch IPO. After three or four years, the investor may receive three-digit-growth value.

Our service philosophy

Our company advocates rational business strategies and the values of integrity, trust and responsibility. We pursue the business principle of "customer first, sound business", and strive for excellence as credo.
We believe in the success of the vigorous entrepreneurship and the pioneering spirit of our clients and enjoy our fruitful role as service providers.

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