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A company needs capital at every stage of development C be that privately raised or foreign capital. To pay attention to the subject only when the need for financing arises, will often lead to economic bottlenecks. We therefore support you in your business and liquidation planning and optimise the financing of the company through numerous means. Due to the effects of Basel II, credit from the house bank has lost meaning. Instead, alternative ways of financing are becoming more and more popular. Both are important, yet the individual company situation decides over the best possible financing combination. We do not only determine the amount of capital required, but also provide you with the means to raise it. Needless to say, we would firstly optimise the internal financing of your company together with you. Only thereafter we would consider different foreign capital options.

Company capital

Medium-sized companies remain in danger as long as their equity capital basis is not solid. This doesn¨t only apply during times of crisis, but also during times of growth. We therefore help our clients to create the best possible overall scenario by improving the profit situation in the profit and loss calculations, by fully utilising every possibility to strengthen equity capital and by restructuring the balance sheet. Means such as employee involvement, integrating participation financing, dormant equity holding or issuing shares are the tools we master. Moreover, we are experienced in the raising of Mezzanine capital, which is similar to equity capital, for example capital for profit participation right. We like to utilize our good contacts with private investors, holding companies and strategic investors, in order to inject the necessary equity capital within the framework of financial participation.

Borrowed capital

There are entrepreneurs who prefer to use as much borrowed capital as possible, in order to keep personal risk to a minimum. In this case, interest and redemption payments have a relatively high effect on returns. It makes spreading the risks more vital, and dependencies must be avoided. Financing the project with equity capital, however, allows the variation of profit distribution. Besides, borrowed capital costs must be serviced, whether the economy is booming or the company is fighting for survival. We are acquainted with the individual financing options, like financial aids of national, State- or EU- programs, as well as alternative financing methods, like leasing or factoring. We do not only design the optimised financing options, but also help you with actually procuring the funds. We carry out the negotiations with the investment partners as well.

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