Sattler & Partners M&A Alliance

A technology focused alliance

The Sattler & Partners M&A Alliance is a technology focused global network of Merger & Acquisition consulting firms, led by Sattler & Partner AG in Germany. Established in 2007, this network offers the resources of highly qualified and long experienced advisory partners operating in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Since more than 20 years, professionals of the Sattler & Partners M&A Network have been assisting owners and managing directors of technology focused firms with their most crucial decisions, including sales and buys of companies and shareholdings, restructuring, splitting-offs, spin-offs, mergers, succession planning as well as financing, and have been accompanying them in such critical phases.

A principle of individuality

No company resembles the other. This is the reason why our M&A professionals focus on developing individual solutions together with our clients after thorough analysis. At this juncture, our advisors aim to build a personal and trustworthy relation with their clients. Through their specialized knowledge of the entire M&A field, corporate finance, as well as the classic management consulting, our advisors can offer exclusive across-the-board consulting.

Global coverage with local expertise

The presence of our highly qualified and experienced team in over 20 countries enables our mandates to carry out business transactions on the global market. The local expertise and knowledge of the home market and industry of our partners will escort our clients through the most complex negotiations. The close and efficient cooperation within our international team will give you the resources to identify suitable overseas targets or locate the most appropriate buyer.


, Acquisitions of companies and/or shareholdings
, Company sales
, Private equity transactions
, Mergers
, Splitting-offs / Spin-offs
, Outsourcing deals
, Succession planning
, Valuations
, MBOs / MBIs
, Corporate finance
, IPOs
, Partners

Our members are closely linked in a global partnership to enable our clients to carry out C with the help of our accompanying consultants - worldwide transactions and to conclude these successfully. Should you need to contact an M&A advisor near you, Sattler & Partner will be happy to transfer your inquiry to a partner in the corresponding country.

Austria Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Czech Republic Denmark
France Germany Hungary India Libya Poland Romania
Russia Sweden Switzerland Spain Syria
Turkey United Kingdom United States

Sattler & Partner AG holds a minority share in some of the above listed partnerships, while others are either independent network members or licensed SP partners, operating in accordance with the know-how of Sattler & Partner AG.

Reference sectors

It is almost incredible how many different sectors there are and how different these are from each other. This always creates a new challenge for a consultant.

While consulting technology focused firms and accompanying company transactions, our M&A consultants have received highly valued know-how and an enormous specialized knowledge about the various sectors.


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